Health is a state of complete physical, mental
and social well-being and not merely the
absence of disease or infirmity

Your company can’t go wrong with offering a Workplace Wellness Program because it positively influences the overall company culture and screams that the company really cares about its people.

There is abundant evidence that companies with successful workplace wellness programs realize increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, significantly lower annual insurance premiums, reduced sick day usage, reduced worker’s compensation/disability claims, higher value in their investors eyes, and approximately an average $5.93 to $1.00 savings-to-cost ratio.

The Roving Dietitian, LLC will customize a Workplace Wellness Program to fully meet the needs of your company and deliver right to your door. Your wellness program can include some or all of the following along with any other specific options you desire.

  1. Health Screening
  2. Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Analysis
  3. Nutrition/Health Education
  4. Lunch ‘N’ Learn
  5. Nutrition and Lifestyle Newsletters
  6. Individual Nutrition Counseling (In-person, Virtual, or Telephonic)
  7. Cooking Demonstrations
  8. Stress Reduction Programs
  9. Group Initiatives / Programs
  10. Health and Wellness Fairs
  11. Companywide Weight Loss Challenges and Coaching
  12. Companywide Health Event Planning

If you are interested in implementing a Workplace Wellness Program and would like to discuss your needs, please use the form below to submit a brief description and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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